Injection Overmolding Manufacturing Process Simulation

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Injection over-molding or hybrid molding is a high-rate composites manufacturing process for fabrication of structural components with complex geometries.  The structural backbone is provided by a continuous-fiber woven prepreg while the geometric complexity is realized via injection molding.

A manufacturing process simulation for injection over-molding using commercial simulation tools will be presented.  The major fabrication steps of preforming, mold filling, packing, cooling and warping are simulated using CATIA, LS-DYNA and Moldex3D.  The preform shearing, development of knit-lines, flow-induced fiber orientations and resulting effective properties, part warpage and residual stresses are predicted.  Applications of the process simulation to tool design and process design are and implications of the process simulation on performance of the as-manufactured part are discussed. 

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