Abaqus plugins for Nonlinear Acoustics

By A.K. Singh1, V.B.C. Tan1, T.E. Tay1, H.P. Lee1

1. National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore



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This paper introduces generalized tools in the form of plugins for a commonly used commercial finite element package Abaqus/Standard to model the nonlinear acoustic methods for detection of delamination damage in composite laminates. The nonlinear acoustic methods typically involve exciting a structure with an excitation signal and looking out for the nonlinear vibration response. In this study, Abaqus plugins are used to automate the nonlinear acoustic simulations for a rectangular composite plate. The first developed plugin (Create Model) can be used to generate models of a rectangular composite plate with any number of delaminations (either circular or rectangular shape) at any position on the plate surface and at any depth within the laminate. This plugin provides the option to use one of the three types of excitation signals. This includes single frequency excitation (SFE), vibro-acoustic modulation (VAM) (dual frequency signal), and sweep signal excitation (SWP). The results obtained from these time dependent models are easier to interpret in frequency domain to identify the nonlinear frequency components. For this purpose, two more plugins for post-processing, namely Point FFT and Surface FFT are developed. Point FFT plugin can be used to probe time domain and frequency domain results at any node of a solved model. Surface FFT plugin can be used to plot the amplitude of nonlinear frequency components on the top surface of the plate to get a damage map of the laminate. By introducing these plugins, the objective is to create a simplified procedure for researchers working in this field to produce simulations of nonlinear acoustic methods. The plugins provide tools to hone the nonlinear acoustic methods further in a virtual simulation environment to further increase their utilization for practical purposes. 

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