Variational asymptotic micromechanics modeling of heterogeneous piezoelectric materials

By Tian Tang1, Wenbin Yu1

1. Purdue University

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In this paper, a new micromechanics model is developed to predict the effective properties
and local fields of heterogeneous piezoelectric materials using the variational asymptotic
method for unit cell homogenization (VAMUCH), a recently developed micromechanics
modeling technique. Starting from the total electric enthalpy of the heterogenous continuum,
we formulate the micromechanics model as a constrained minimization problem
using the variational asymptotic method. To handle realistic microstructures in engineering
applications, we implement this new model using the finite element method. For validation,
a few examples are used to demonstrate the application and accuracy of this
theory and the companion computer program – VAMUCH

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