Tensile Properties of a Stochastic Prepreg Platelet Molded Composite

By Sergey Kravchenko1, Drew Sommer1, Benjamin Denos1, Tony Favaloro1, Byron Pipes1, William Avery2, Clark Tow

1. Purdue University 2. Boeing

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The stochastic prepreg platelet molded composite (PPMC) occurs when the orientation and arrangement disorder of platelets are determined by the uncontrolled molding conditions. The understanding of composite structure-property relationship is essential for the engineering applications of PPMCs. Computational analysis of the structure-property relationship in a PPMC with stochastic meso-scale morphology is herein performed under uniaxial tension conditions. The virtual distributions of tensile properties are obtained from the in-silico tensile tests based on the progressive failure analysis in the full-sized stochastically generated PPMC coupons. The developed analysis allows investigation of how the PPMC meso-structure details, such as platelet geometry and system morphology, define the variability in PPMC effective tensile properties.

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  • Sergey Kravchenko; Drew Sommer; Benjamin Denos; Tony Favaloro; Byron Pipes; William Avery; Clark Tow (2019), "Tensile Properties of a Stochastic Prepreg Platelet Molded Composite," https://cdmhub.org/resources/1810.

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