By Su Tian1, Haodong Du1, Fei Tao1, Wenbin Yu1

1. Purdue University

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iVABS (namely integrated VABS), is a design framework for composite slender structures (also called composite beams) such as helicopter rotor blades, wind turbine blades, high aspect ratio wings, bridges, shafts, etc. This framework bundles PreVABS, VABS, GEBT, Dakota, along with msgpi for integration among these codes and other codes. The complete documentation can be found at https://wenbinyugroup.github.io/ivabs/. You can also find the instructions for downloading the most recent releases for both Windows and Linux.

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  • Su Tian; Haodong Du; Fei Tao; Wenbin Yu (2020), "iVABS," https://cdmhub.org/resources/1921.

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