Composites Forming Simulations - on Physics & Data, Accuracy & Applicability

By Remko Akkerman

University of Twente

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Composites Forming processes, in particular stamp forming, offer the potential of high volume manufacturing of light weight structural parts. Such parts need to be designed with the process and its requirements in mind, in order to prevent process induced defects such as wrinkling or poor consolidation. Process simulations can help to avoid such defects. This lecture will address the background of such “design for composite manufacturing” methods. Describing the deformations of composite laminates requires a dedicated approach. This holds for the relevant particular deformation mechanisms, related specific aspects of continuum mechanics, their implementation in simulation software, the constitutive models and characterization experiments to obtain the required material property data. An overview on these matters will be presented, addressing the current state-of-the-art and potential improvements, bearing in mind that predictive methods of this kind can only be truly successful if they are useable for a wide(r) community.

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