Micromechanics Simulation Challenge Level I Results

By Andrew J Ritchey1, Hamsasew Sertse2, Johnathan Goodsell2, Wenbin Yu2, Byron Pipes2

1. Rolls-Royce 2. Purdue University


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The initial results of level I of micromechanics simulation challenge were documented in the attached paper which is also included in the proceedings of American Society of Composites 30th Annual Technical Meeting at Michigan State.  Results for various composites including fiber reinforced composites, particle reinforced composites, laminates, woven composites, short fiber composites from several readily available micromechanics simulation tools include MAC/GMC, MAC/HFGMC, FVDAM, MDS, DIGIMAT, SwiftComp, ESI VPS are compiled. The accuracy and efficiency of each tool are compared with 3D FEA of RVE with periodic boundary conditions using either ABAQUS or ANSYS. Comments will be appreciated. It is a live report and will be constantly revised and updated by inputs from the community. All the data generating the report are hosted in a live database entitled Micromechanics Simulation Challenge. This report and its companion database will serve as a reference for those who want to learn about the readily available homogenization tools, most importantly from the perspective of different models' predictive capabilities.

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  • Andrew J Ritchey; Hamsasew Sertse; Johnathan Goodsell; Wenbin Yu; Byron Pipes (2015), "Micromechanics Simulation Challenge Level I Results," https://cdmhub.org/resources/948.

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