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  1. Constitutive modeling for time- and temperature-dependent behavior of composites

    08 Jan 2020

    Structural integrity, durability, and thermal stability represent critical areas for adequately modeling the behavior of composite materials. Polymeric matrices are prone to have time-dependent behavior very sensitive to changes in temperature that influence the effective properties of the...

  2. MSC.Patran/Nastran-SwiftComp GUI

    01 Apr 2019

    A graphical user interface (GUI) has been developed to integrate SwiftComp into MSC.Patran/Nastran for constitutive modeling and providing the automated conversion of the MSG plate and beam stiffness matrix into MSC.Nastran shell and beam element properties and materials. In order to reduce...

  3. Puck Failure Criteria

    31 Jul 2017

    Composite materials have been established as competitive materials during the last few decades due to their high strength to l ow weight ratio among other advantages and are widely used in many industries. A recent study has found that the industrial usage of composite failure...

  4. The Mission, Vision and Programs of the Composites Design and Manufacturing HUB

    08 Oct 2014

    The presentation outlines the mission, vision and programs of the Composites Design and Manufacturing HUB as of October 2014.

  5. Composite Materials and Structures 1972-2012: Grand Challenges

    19 Sep 2014

    Professor R. Byron Pipes presents the Grand Challenges for Composite Materials for the next 40 years at the American Society of Composites Conference in Arlington, TX on October 2, 2012.

  6. 2013 Composites Design and Manufacturing HUB Kickoff Workshop

    04 Sep 2014 | Series

    The Composites Design and Manufacturing HUB held a kick-off workshop at Purdue University on May 29-30, 2013 with over 100 attendees from industry, academia and government.  Select presentations from the workshop are included in this series.

  7. HyperSizer Pro Software from Collier Research

    20 Aug 2014 | Tool Information

    HyperSizer® is Design, Analysis, and Optimization Software for Composite and Metallic Structures HyperSizer is used throughout the design process--including certification--to quantify all critical failure modes, reduce structural weight, and sequence composite laminates for fabrication to...

  8. Announcement for the 2014 Composites Design, Analysis and Manufacturing Workshop

    27 Jun 2014 | Teaching Materials

    Flyer announcement for the 2014 Composites Design, Analysis and Manufacturing Workshop to be held at Purdue University, August 5-7, 2014.The Composites Design and Manufacturing HUB is holding a hands-on workshop in composites design, analysis and manufacturing. Join us at Purdue University on...

  9. Interlaminar Stresses in Symmetric Angle-Ply Laminates Subjected to Anticlastic Bending Deformation

    04 Jun 2014 | Tool Information

    The aim of the present work is to develop a solution for the interlaminar stress field in a symmetric and balanced,  angle-ply laminate subjected to anticlastic bending deformation.  Further, this class of problems is considered in order to elucidate the behavior of angle-ply laminates...

  10. Free-Edge Elasticity Solution: Tool Taxonomy and Evaluation

    22 May 2014 | White Papers/Research Documents

    A review of the free-edge elasticity solution tool, including tool taxonomy and evaluation.  An overview of the solution development is provided, followed by numerous examples of tool use and evaluation.  The document concludes with an evaluation of the tool maturity level.  The...

  11. Effective Lamina and Laminate Properties

    22 May 2013 | Tools

    Calculate effective lamina and laminate properties from phase properties and layup.

  12. Classical Laminate Plate Theory

    22 May 2013 | Tools

    Prediction of stresses and strains in a laminated plate of infinite in-plane dimensions. Allows for application of thermal and edge loads.

  13. Halpin-Tsai Micromechanics Model

    22 May 2013 | Tools

    Calculate homogenized lamina properties from fiber and matrix properties

  14. Free Edge Elasticity Solution

    22 May 2013 | Tools

    Simulate stress, strain and displacements in an composite angle-ply laminate subjected to uniform axial extension, anticlastic curvature and thermoelastic deformation.