Geometrically Exact Beam Theory

By Wenbin Yu1, Qi Wang

1. Purdue University

A General-Purpose Nonlinear Analysis Tool for Composite Beams Considering All Elastic Couplings

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Version 4.8 - published on 14 Aug 2014

Open source: license | download

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  1. kshitij gupta

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Dear Prof. Yu

    first of all I would like to thank you for creating such a wonderful platform.

    I tried to map the as a network drive as instructed. I entered "" when required the network location.

    However, it prompts "The folder you entered does not appear to be valid. Please choose another."

    My computer runs with windows 10 (64bit) if it matters. The WebClient service is also turned on.

    kindly help


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  2. Johannes

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    GEBT from Prof. Yu is an excellent tool for calculating linear and nonlinear static beam problems in 3d space especially for complex cross sections, which have a full or dens 6×6 stiffness matrix with many coupling terms. I could recently made a comparison to the ANSYS© CBMX feature. Both tools have shown the exact identical results for a complex cross section with couplings in a static analysis. Also an analytical solution for this problem delivers the same results as GEBT and CBMX.

    What I’ve not test extensively are steady state and transient dynamic response analysis but only the eigen frequency and value capabilities.

    However, all these features let no wishes open. And that in a free to use tool!

    I’m quite happy about this.

    UPDATE: 06|22|2015

    I evaluated GEBT for steady state and transient calculations with more complex rotor blades, which consists of round about 100 different section stiffness and mass properties. Again, I made a comparison with ANSYS and the results differ only in nuances, which make me quite happy. The only thing the user should look carefully on, is that one have to provide the direction cosine matrix for every member correctly. I implemented in my copy an automatic calculation of x1-axis direction cosine matrix, so that one has only to provide an angle around x1 to orient the section. This works good for straight beams. The wonderful thing about GEBT is, that every user can change the code to his behalf.

    Thank you very much for providing GEBT!

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    1. Wenbin Yu

      Dear Johannes,

      Thanks a lot for your nice comments! I am glad that you have foud this tool useful. Now, with cdmHUB, you even don't have to worry about compiling and installation of the code. We are in the process to provide a GUI for the tool to make it more useful for the near future. And also the celebrated VABS will also be on the HUB very soon. It the serious users like you keeping us moving forward!


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    2. Wenbin Yu

      Thanks a lot for your updated review. Please help spread the news about GEBT so that more can benefit from it.

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