Mori-Tanaka Stiffness Homogenization for Short Fibers

Calculate the homogenized stiffness for an RVE of short fibers in a matrix material where the orientation state is described using Advani's orientation tensor.

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Version 1.0 - published on 01 Jun 2018

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This tool uses the Mori-Tanaka model [1,2] to predict the stiffness of a short fiber composite with an orientation state described with a second-order orientation tensor[3].

Stiffness, as a fourth-order tensor property, requires the fourth-order orientation tensor, but since this is not often used in practice, we approximate it using one of several closure approximations.

The linear closure approximation gives exact results for random orientation states, the quadratic closure approximation gives exact results from aligned orientation states, and the hybrid closure approximation provides a linear combination of the linear and quadratic methods[3].

The final closure approximation provided is a quadratic, orthotropic fitted closure approximation[4-5].


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