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  1. Solutions to “Three-ways to derive the Euler-Bernoulli-Saint Venant Beam Theory” problems

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    I have been trying to access the solutions to the problems at the end of the paper on Beam Theory for quite some time. I submitted a ticket as instructed but I was told I need to speak to the...


  2. Application of GEBT to overhanging simply supported beam

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    Dear all,I'm trying to implement GEBT for an over hanging simply supported beam. When I'm trying to apply I'm getting below error as shownFailure of MA28AD with iflag=-1I'm expecting the error can...


  3. Lamina Analysis - 3: Off Axis Loading and Beam Theory

    06 Feb 2015 | Contributor(s):: Johnathan Goodsell

    Lecture for 2/6 covering off-axis loading and a beam theory for the off-axis specimen

  4. Three-ways to derive the Euler-Bernoulli-Saint Venant Beam Theory

    05 Jun 2014 | | Contributor(s):: Wenbin Yu

    This lecture notes used used to teach graduate structural mechanics course at Utah State University. In the notes, we formulated the complete classical beam model (extension/torsion/bending in two directions), which is also called Euler-Bernoulli-Saint beam theory, in three ways:...

  5. VABS: Powering Simple Beam Elements with Detailed 3D FEA Fidelity

    06 Jan 2017 | | Contributor(s):: Wenbin Yu

    This presentation gives a brief introduction to VABS, a general-purpose cross-sectional analysis, which can power conventional, simple beam elements with detailed 3D FEA fidelity.