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  1. How to use mesoscale homogenisation and intial failure options in TEXGEN 4SC

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    I have used the TEXGEN 4SC online launch module, in that after exporting texgen model to SWcomp file, iam not able to get the mesoscale and intial failure results, only...


  2. Predict effective failure strength constants of fiber-reinforced unidirectional composites

    Problem Description The effective initial failure strength constants of fiber-reinforced unidirectional composites are predicted using the MSG solid model. A square packed mechanical model is...


  3. Predict initial failure strength constants of plain woven composites

    Problem Description Predicting the failure initiation is the first step for many failure analyses of composites. A popular approach is the multiscale failure analysis, which computes the...


  4. Initial failure strength prediction of woven composites using a new yarn failure criterion constructed by deep learning

    05 Jun 2019 | Contributor(s):: Xin Liu, Federico Gasco, Johnathan Goodsell, Wenbin Yu

    A new failure criterion for fiber tows (i.e. yarns) is developed based on a micromechanical model using mechanics of structure genome (MSG) and deep learning neural network. The proposed failure criterion can be applied to yarns in mesoscale textile composites modeling while capturing the failure...