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  1. Use of Digimat to Simulate Progressive Failure in a T-stiffener Accounting Voids Due to Manufacturing Defects

    18 Apr 2016 | Contributor(s):: Xuan Wang

    Laminate T-stiffeners are widely used in the aerospace industry to transfer the 3D complex loads between the stiffener and theskins. However, the way they are manufactured can affect their inherent properties.In this case, we have considered that the stiffener and the skin were assembled using an...

  2. Negative diagonal stiffness properties of curved beam

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    I saw similar questions but I am...


  3. HyperSizer Pro Software from Collier Research

    20 Aug 2014 |

    HyperSizer® is Design, Analysis, and Optimization Software for Composite and Metallic Structures HyperSizer is used throughout the design process--including certification--to quantify all critical failure modes, reduce structural weight, and sequence composite laminates for fabrication to...

  4. Lamina Analysis

    30 Jul 2014 | | Contributor(s):: Johnathan Goodsell

    This lecture is slides for Wednesday covering fundamentals of lamina analysis, including elastic constants, experimental testing, anisotropic elasticity, stress-strain relations, plane-stress relations, elastic moduli predictions, strength predictions and comparison with experiments.