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  1. Predict failure index, strength ratio, and failure envelope of 3D orthogonal woven plate

    Problem Description In this example, failure index, strength ratio, and failure envelope of a 3D orthogonal woven plate are predicted using MSG failure functions. For computing failure index and...


  2. Predict initial failure strength constants of plain woven composites

    Problem Description Predicting the failure initiation is the first step for many failure analyses of composites. A popular approach is the multiscale failure analysis, which computes the...


  3. Multiscale analysis of multilayer printed circuit board using Mechanics of Structure Genome

    23 Jan 2019 | Contributor(s):: Fei Tao, Xiuqi Lyu, Xin Liu, Wenbin Yu

    The structure of Printed Circuit board (PCB) is very complicated because it consists of woven composites and custom defined conducting layers. To improve the reliability of PCB, it is critical to predict the constitutive relations accurately. This study by implementing Mechanics of Structure...

  4. Is it possible to upload and start python script models in to texgen

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    today we tried to use Texgen2SC in our class with the students. As we have not only woven structures, it comes the question, if we can upload into the workspace our own...