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Gordon Li

to complet the I bean workshop using Abaqus-ABSGUI, & XML file generation

Hello Prof. Yu and Mr. Su Tian,

I am a new users of Abaqus-VABSGUI, preVABS, VABS.  To quickly know how to use the codes, please give me some supports.  Here are my questions/requests:

Q1:  Would you please give me the information details on your I beam workshop (in General Cross Section Analysis Step-by-Step) such as: geometry, material file, layup file, mesh etc. that I can complete this workshop via the Abaqus-vabs GUI?

Q2: to convert the txt file to xml file, what kind software should I use?

Q3: to convert the excel spreadsheet file to the xml file, what kind software should I use?

If possible, please give your suggestions.



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    To get quicker answers, you need to ask inside Prof. Yu's research group. Please go over the manual of PreVABS and run through the examples released with PreVABS. 

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