VABS Recovery stress

  1. Salim Chaibi


    I am trying to compare the stresses of torsion analysis in Abaqus and Vabs Recovery stress .ELE.

    I Have run 2 analysis one with 1000    Nmm and the other with 6000Nmm.

     I am comparing the stresses on the first element om each loop ( Element number ID in .ELE : 1 ,26 ,51,76,101,126...)

    Results have shown me some errors between abaqus and VABS. The fact interesting is to se that for the 2 loads we get the same errors at the same elements.

    With Isotropic tube, results were pretty good 1 % of errors on each elements, but with anisotropic tube, results are differents.

    Can you take a look on my files.

    You will find the summary of results in spreadsheet.

    Abaqus files and GEBT+ VABS FILES.

    Thank you



  2. Salim Chaibi

    the stresses are S11 in Material Coordinate 

  3. Su Tian

    Hello Salim,

    I am taking a look at your files, and I need to update Abaqus on my computer before opening the cae file. And there is no spreadsheet in the attachment.

  4. Su Tian

    Hi Salim,

    How did you extract the stress results in elements from Abaqus? Have you compared the stresses at nodes through the thickness along x1=0 (nodes 1, 51, 101, ...)?

  5. Salim Chaibi

    Hi Su Tian,

    I have used XY Plot and I have plot the stresses S11 in the centroid of each first element of the Hoop. I have compared with the stresses at each first element in the file .ELE, we have 25 Element by hoop so the 1 then 26 then 51 ...

  6. Salim Chaibi

    files from VABS correspond to the position at 584.2 mm in Abaqus.

    You have to do a cut in abaqus at 584.2 mm, you will have the cross section, then you plot the S11 curve for the first element at the centroid you have the value.Then, in the file .ELE for the element ID 1 ( the first element) you go to the S11table  in material coordinate and you will see that values are about 60 % different. The problem is for the ply at 45 values are good but at 0 ° they are some difference.