PreVabs Abaqus interface 3D models

  1. Huub Timmermans

    Hi all,

    After reading the PreVabs manual, VABS manual and watching the youtube channel it is still a bit unclear how to proceed with my model.

    The way I see it;

    With the PreVabs interface you can create 2D cross sections which is then input for VABS that analyses these cross-sections.

    With the PreVabs-Abaqus interface it is possible to extract the cross section from an Abaqus file and then convert it to an XML which is again input for VABS.

    In my case, I’ve a 3D Abaqus model (so not a 2D airfoil section) with a skin, web, foam part, etc. We want to extract cross sectional properties (stiffness, inertia, etc) at a number of span wise locations.

    Should I then extract from the Abaqus model, for every spanwise location, a cross section that I can convert with PreVabs to a VABS input?

    Or is there a way to automatically extract a number of spanwise locations in VABS?

    Best regards, Huub

  2. Wenbin Yu

    After discussed with Su, there are two options:

    1. Use the 3D meshed model, extract the nodes, elements, and material information to generate an input file directly for VABS. 

    2. Exact the basic information you used to generate the 3D model including airfoil, layup, web, etc to prepare inputs for PreVABS to generate inputs for VABS. 

    The second option should be easier. Can you let us know the following:

    1. What are the basic information you used to create your 3D model? 

    2. Is your 3D model a real 3D model (with 3D solid elements) or a 3D model with shell elements? 


  3. Huub Timmermans

    Dear Wenbin,

    Thank you for the reply. The 3D Abaqus model will consist out of shell outer elements which include the lay-up information in combination with solid elements to represent the core. Following the second option (PreVabs) perhaps it is possible to define this shell elements as "wall" including the laminate lay-up with minimal thickness. From Abaqus the shell element would be more like a "line" element but I don't see that element in PreVabs. Another element in the Abaqus model are distributed (lumped) masses. I don't see the option to include mass elements in PreVabs. 

    What do you think is the best approach? For point 1) Extracting the information out of the 3D mesh model and use it directly in Vabs; is there an example or manual for that? 

    Best regards, Huub

  4. Wenbin Yu

    Since your mesh is not 3D mesh, the first option does not work as expected. We can provide the lines (from shell element) plus # of layers and layer thickness to form the 2D mesh using PreVABS. The most recent release of PreVABS has the nonstructural mess function.