VABS Tools Usage Steps

  1. Hacer Ariol

    I have read the manual guide and understood how can I comment inputs and outputs and prepare VABS input file. Unfortunately, I have tried many more but I can't use VABS tool because of failing to upload input file.

    I need some screen shots how can I upload an input files (for instance isorect. dat in your example file) and take the results. At the following my e-mail adresses, please send me them or attach here.



  2. Wenbin Yu

    Please follow the steps as described in the knowledge space article 

    How do I use a commandline tool on cdmHUB?

     Please let me know if the steps are not clear to you.

  3. Hacer Ariol

    Thanks for your interest and information. Steps are quite understandable and I achieve to run VABS tool. 

    Best Regards.

  4. Hesheng Han

    I use windows 7 and I follow the steps of instruction given in the Knowledge Base . After I double-click "Map Network Drive " and type "", I arrive at "Windows security" which shows "connect to" . And I input in my login and password of the website of, but it shows I cannot connect to this website. 

    I also try it in other computers, but it is still work. Could you give me some suggestions? 

  5. Wenbin Yu

    For this problem, you need to file a ticket through support->tickets. Our system administrator will help you asap.