Release of new version of PreVABS for VABS 4.0

  1. Kevin Wang

    Reading the documentation for VABS 4.0, the input files have changed.

    Is there a target release date for a new version of PreVABS that is compatible with VABS 4.0?

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    1. Su Tian

      Hello Kevin,

      The latest version of PreVABS (v1.4.2, available on cdmHub) is now compatible with VABS 4.0 for most major changes:

      • Added the command option for computation of failure indices and strength ratios
      • Added material input options for all failure criteria and strength properties supported by VABS for 'isotropic', 'orthotropic' and 'anisotropic' materials
      • Moved the recover option from input file to the command line
      • Moved the extra data needed for recover and failure analysis to a separate file (.glb)
      • Changed the executable command from 'VABSIII' to 'VABS'

      The followings are in progress for the full compatibility:

      • Add all input options of failure criteria and strength properties for the 'lamina' type materials
      • Update the documentation

      This will be done by the end of the year and targeting on a release of version 1.4.3.

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      1. Kevin Wang

        Hey Su,

        So I've installed what I think is 1.4.2 (it was the latest on cdmHub), but it states it's 1.4.0 when running, is this normal?

        Also since updating, all my input files have been getting stuck when reading the materials file.  I've tried debugging the file as much as removing everything in it except for one isotropic material, but it still seems to be getting stuck there.

        Attached is trying to run the example file you posted here:

        Have you seen this issue?


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    2. Su Tian

      Hi Kevin,

      The version number should not be an issue here, but I will fix this.

      The example works fine on my machine. Can you run the command with the debug mode and let me know where the code stops? The command is: prevabs -i mh104.xml -h -debug.

      Thank you.

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    3. Kevin Wang

      Ahh... the debug mode is quite the lifesaver.  I didn't know it existed, should have read more of the manual..

      It appears the issue was I had the failure_criterion for a couple isotropic materials as 5 for "mises" and that was causing it to stop there.  By switching them off it, everything went through

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    4. Wenbin Yu

      Kevin, I also recently updated VABS to handle multiple load cases for dehomogenization analysis (compute stresses/strains and strength ratios, etc). If you want to have it a try, please let me know. PreVABS might have not been updated yet. However, you can easily take the input file generated by PreVABS to change it to multiple load cases. 

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