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  1. Your Advices for a Better Way of Publishing

    Inspired by the discussion on another website, I am thinking about a new journal with the following attributes: 1. Has its own arXiv service so that submitted papers become instantly public. I can see three benefits of doing this: 1) instant copyright protection. The authors do not have to worry...

  2. SwiftComp available on Apple App Store

    SwiftComp iOS App is available on Apple App Store If you have an iPhone, you can find it in App Store by searching SwiftComp. The functionalities for current version are following: 1. For laminate, users can obtain effective...

  3. Structures, Models, & Assumptions

    Terms like Euler-Bernoulli beam or Timoshenko beam are often used in the literature or technical communications. I personally think these terms are confusing because they use a model along with its associated assumptions to name a structure. Actually a beam structure is a solid with its axis...

  4. RVE Acceptable Size to be Counted as Micro

    Just a general question about Homogenization , when we are selecting the RVE , how much should it be smaller than the Macro dimensions of the model , to be counted micro , I mean only that one part of the model is being repeated is enough to define the periodicity or it should be very smaller in...

  5. What is a Composite Material, Exactly?

    We are so familiiar with composites that we almost forget what it is. Some say a composite material is a material which is anisotropic and heterogeneous. First, I would like to argue that anisotropy cannot be used to define composites although composites are usually anisotropic. We do have...

  6. Structures vs Materials

    Structures and materials often appear together and sometimes even used interchangeably. The main reason is that the boundary between structures and materials is not clear. Even our first solid mechanics course usually called either strength of materials or mechanics of materials  is...