SwiftComp available on Apple App Store

SwiftComp iOS App is available on Apple App Store

If you have an iPhone, you can find it in App Store by searching SwiftComp.

The functionalities for current version are following:

1. For laminate, users can obtain effective 3D properties, effective in-plane properties, and effective flexural properties.

2. For unidirectional fiber reinforced composite, users can calculate effective engineering constants, plane-stress reduced compliance matrix and plane-stress reduced stiffness matrix.

You can also test it by using the simulator before:

(Note: The simulator can have:

  • 1 concurrent user
  • 100 minutes per month)

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  1. Andrew G Pokelwaldt

    Unable to run app sample on cdmHUB??

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    1. Banghua Zhao


      Sorry about that. The free simulator software to run the App has reached limit. I will fix that soon.


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    2. Banghua Zhao

      It has been fixed. Note the simulator can have 1 concurrent user and 100 minutes per month. Please let me know if you can use it. Thanks!

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