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About the Group

Welcome to Prof. Yu's research group in the cloud! You can join this group by Requesting MembershipYou can participate in discussions, access resources, network with other members who share similar technical interests. 

Vision: To design, manufacture, and certify advanced structures and materials by analysis.

Mission: To advance predictive capabilities for advanced structures and materials and train students with analysis fundamentals and job-ready skills.

Professional Values: 

  1. We pursue truth because truth can set us free.

  2. We seek unity to systematically handle diversities.

  3. We strike for balance between practicality and rigor.

  4. We embrace humble boldness to learn from others and remain true to scholarship.

You can also follow Prof. Yu's research through LinkedinYoutube, or ResearchGate. Two main tools including SwiftComp and VABS are used internationally in academia, government labs and industries. 

SwiftComp: a general-purpose, multiscale constitutive modeling code for heterogeneous materials and structures. If you want to handle textile composites, please use TexGen4SC; if you are an ANSYS user, please use ANSYS-SwiftComp GUI; if you are an ABAQUS user, please use ABAQUS-SwiftComp GUI.

VABS: a general-purpose cross-sectional analysis for composite beams such as helicopter rotor blades and wind turbine blades. If you are an ABAQUS user, please use ABAQUS-VABS GUI.