By Su Tian1, Xin Liu1, Haodong Du1, Wenbin Yu1

1. Purdue University



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PreVABS is a pre-processing tool for VABS and SwiftComp. This tool is designed to reduce the workload of preparing input files of beam cross sections for VABS and SwiftComp, and to make the process automatic for the design and optimization purpose. Cross sections with general and airfoil shapes can be created. The mesh and visualization capabilities are based on Gmsh. Please note what you download in the supporting document is the preprocessor only. You need to request VABS from AnalySwift.

Source files and previous releases can also be found in the Github repository:


Version 1.5

  • 1.5.0
    • Added a new type of line "airfoil", which can accept the file name of a standard airfoil data file.
    • Added new arguments for points defined on an airfoil line.
    • Added a new function to remove very short edges, very close vertices.
    • Added a new input of length tolerance for edge removal.
    • Added a new input to for multiple loading cases for dehomogenization and failure analysis.
    • Added a new input to include a file of loading cases for dehomogenization and failure analysis.
    • Added a new method to define an arc using two end points and a radius.
    • Added a new method to define a line by joining multiple lines.
    • Set the default line type to "straight", which can be omitted now.
    • Fixed the issue of overlapping/duplicated mesh verticies.

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