By Su Tian1, Xin Liu1, Haodong Du1, Wenbin Yu1

1. Purdue University


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  1. Evan Bonny

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    One suggestion I have would be to switch the order of translation, rotation, and scaling. I think it is much easier to generate an airfoil in space if you scale, rotate, and translate. This way you can first orient and scale the airfoil, and then place it wherever you need to in 2D space. With the current order, you have to take into both the translation and scaling before rotating the airfoil which is tricky.  Or just allow the order to be dictated in the overall run script.

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    1. Wenbin Yu

      Dear Evan, thanks a lot for your feedback. Please provide your feedbacks/comments/questions at so that the developer can get back to you quicker. 

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