Modeling of curved beam using the obtained cross-sectional stiffness matrix of VABS and ANSYS APDL beam 188/189

I want to model a curved beam using VABS. I did the cross-sectional analysis of the curved beam with an initial curvature k2. Then, I got the cross-sectional stiffness matrix of the curved beam. The question is that can I rearrange the obtained cross-sectional stiffness matrix of VABS and perform 1D FE analysis of the curved beam according to the initial curvature (k2) using ANSYS APDL with element type beam 188 or beam 189?
For example: I carry out the cross-sectional analysis of a curved beam with initial curvature of k2=0.1 1/m. Then rearrange the cross-section stiffness matrix for ANSYS APDL and then model a curved beam in ANSYS with beam element 188 or beam 189. 
I guess the answer is yes as long as beam 188/189 has the same coordinate systems as what you used to compute the cross-sectional stiffness (x1 along the curvilinear reference line).

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