Will VABS become an open source tool?

  1. Huijing Huijing Cao


    Recently, I have read the User documentation of OpenFAST, I found some information in the "Future Work" of "BeamDyn User Guide"( It mentions, "For example, for general isotropic beams, engineering parameters including sectional offsets, material properties, etc will be used to generate the 6 ×× 6 matrices needed by BeamDyn". 

    BeamDyn is supported by Yu's group, and it is a part of OpenFAST which is the most popular open-source code in the wind energy field. Thus I think VABS also may become an open-source tool in the future. Is it true? 


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    1. Wenbin Yu

      There is no plan for VABS to become an open-source code. 

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      1. Huijing Huijing Cao

        OK, Thanks. There may be a long way to go for the OpenFAST team, I think.

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