VABS Recovery Theory

  1. Dana Frye

    Does anyone have a copy of either of these papers by chance?

    • Xianyu Hong, M.S., Aerospace Engineering, May 2001. Special Problem: Three-Dimensional Strain and Stress Recovery Theory for Initially Curved and Twisted Composite Beams.
    • Sulaiman Kamarulazizi, M.S., Aerospace Engineering, Dec. 2016, Special Problem: Validation of Z-Shaped Composite Beams – VABS/GEBT Recovery vs. Abaqus 3-D Finite Elements.

    I am looking to get a better understanding of the VABS recovery theory. Thanks

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    1. Wenbin Yu

      Please refer to my dissertation at, section 3.2.6 regarding theory, 3.4.4 regarding some sample results.

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    2. Wenbin Yu

      These are special reports usually not archived and thus hard to find. If you have questions related with any parts of VABS recovery theory, please ask. I should be able to answer you. 

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      1. Dana Frye

        Any details you can provide regarding the dehomogenization and recovery/visualization of the local 3D strains and stresses from the VABS generated section properties would be very helpful. Any methodology, equations, examples, etc. would be very much appreciated. I'm required to show more details about how this is done (and perhaps perform a validation of a local stress from a single cross section) prior to being able to use in any structural integrity report. 

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