Mechanics of Structure Genome: Reproduce 3D FEA Using Simple Structural Models for Aero Structures

By Wenbin Yu

Purdue University


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This presentation is an extended lecture delivered to the Boeing FEA Community of Excellence on Sept 10th.

The Mechanics of Structure Genome (MSG) has been recently developed at Purdue with the promise to revolutionize the analysis of composite structures. MSG can reproduce 3D FEA using simple structural elements. MSG also represents a drastically different multiscale modeling technology from the conventional micromechanics-then-structural mechanics approaches. Abandoning the artificial designation of mesoscale for composite laminates, MSG provides rigorous and realistic modeling of composite coupons needed for material characterization as well as efficient and accurate modeling of large composite structural part. The powerful principle of minimum information loss (PMIL) is used to avoid a priori assumptions commonly invoked in other approaches, providing the most mathematical rigor and the best engineering generality. It also decouples the original problem into two sets of analyses: a constitutive modeling and a structural analysis. This allows the structural analysis to be formulated exactly as a general (1D, 2D, or 3D) continuum, the analysis of which is readily available in commercial FEA software packages. MSG confines all approximations to the constitutive modeling, the accuracy of which is guaranteed to be the best by PMIL. Various examples will be used to demonstrate that MSG can achieve the accuracy of direct numerical simulation using 3D FEA at the efficient of simple structural models. MSG is implemented into a computer code called SwiftComp, which can be used either independently as a tool for virtual testing of composite or as a plugin to power conventional FEA codes with high-fidelity multiscale modeling for composites. 

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