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SwiftComp: Right Results Right Away

By Wenbin Yu

Purdue University


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This presentation gives a brief review of SwiftComp which is a general-purpose multiscale constitutive modeling code. It can bridge microstructure with the final macroscopic structural model. It takes a FE mesh of Structure Genome, which is defined as the smallest mathematical building block of the structure, and output a structural model for beams, plates/shells, or 3D structures. Various examples are used to demonstrate that this code can achieve first principle 3D FEA accuracy at a computational cost of serveral orders of magnitude less. Particularly, empowered by SwiftComp, ABAQUS can be used to deliver high-fidelity composite modeling capability even more efficient than the current existing ABAQUS composite layup analysis for composite plates/shells or Beam Section Generate for composite beams. 

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