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Read me first before contributing to this wiki

by Wenbin Yu

You are encouraged to create new pages for the group wiki, edit or suggest changes for existing pages. More participation from each of you will make the wiki more useful.

  1. Click New page on the side menu bar.
  2. Select the appropriate Parent page. For example, if you want your page to be indexed on the Main Page, you normally should select MainPage as the Parent page. Parent page will help easy navigation to different levels using the navigation bar on the top.
  3. Select a suitable template. For example, if you want to create a page for a tutorial example, you can select Tutorial template.
  4. Provide an informative title for the page. Please only capitalize the first letter of the first word except some specialized words which must be capitalized.
  5. Prepare the content for the page according to the template. There are some buttons on the top of the Page text box for simple formatting. If you are not sure about some of the formatting, please click the question mark button on the top of the box or refer to Help.
  6. After you have done with the Page text, you can select the access privilege for the page. If you welcome contribution from others, you can use the default. Otherwise, select Knowledge article with specific authors, you can add more authors and select options below it. You can also lock the page without any further changes.
  7. In the METADATA section, please add keywords as Tags. If you are editing an article, you can also add some comments as Edit summary.
  8. After you have finished writing, you can click Save to submit your article. Even if you have not completely finished writing, you can also click Save to avoid losing your work. All versions of the articles can be found through the History tab. If you don’t want to save, but just want to see how the page looks like, you can click Preview.
  9. After you have submitted the article, to automatically link your article to an existing page, you need to click Edit tab to change the page name (the portion used for URLs) with a prefix for the page you need to link your article. For example, to link your page to the Main Page, you need to add the prefix ID:. It is emphatically pointed out that any page which is not linked cannot be easily accessed by others. You can also change the default URL automatically created from the title you choose.
  10. You are welcome to add more comments for those who want to contribute.

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