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Recent articles

Writing and Presentation Tips

Created on 30 Apr 2021

Communication skills are very important for us to share our research with others. The following is a collection of tips for writing and presentation. Criticism and testing are of the essence of our work. This means that science is a fundamentally social activity, which implies that it depends on...

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Visualize the entire blade as shown in Figure 12 in the tutorial(

Created on 23 Oct 2023

I learned how to visualize a single blade cross-section in the tutorial, but how can I achieve the visualization of the entire blade as shown in Figure 12 in the tutorial?

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How to setup Python environment on cdmHUB Linux workstation

Created on 29 Apr 2022

Setup Python virtual environment The purpose is to setup a Python virtual environment for code development and testing. This is realized by using the Anaconda environment. Steps Step 1: Use Anaconda Start the Linux Workstation tool. A default terminal should be opened automatically. The command...

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