Halpin-Tsai Micromechanics Model

Calculate homogenized lamina properties from fiber and matrix properties

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Version 1.0 - published on 21 Apr 2014

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Calculate the effective homogeneous orthotropic elastic lamina properties from orthotropic fiber and isotropic matrix elastic properties and fiber volume fraction.  The Voigt and Reuss models provide upper and lower property predictions.  The Halpin-Tsai semi-empirical model is also provided with suggestions for the dimensionless property, xi. 


For reference, see: Whitney, J. M. and McCullough, R. L.  Delaware Composites Design Encyclopedia, Vol. 2, "Micromechanical Materials Modeling," Technomic Publishing Company, 1990, pp. 50-56, 82-89. Halpin, J.C., and Kardos, J.L. "Halpin-tsai equations – review," Polymer Engineering and Science, Vol. 16, Issue 5, pp. 344-352.

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