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  1. Problem in Abaqus SwiftComp GUI

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    Hello dear all

    I am trying to use Abaqus SwiftComp GUI to measure the elastic properties of a composite element. After creating 2D SG: unit cell, 2D structure Genome, and clicking...


  2. how to implement two umat simultaneously ?

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    Hi guys. I wanted to ask you how can I use two UMAT subroutines simultaneously ?? I've read the documentation but It seems a little bit hard to apply it into my code. Would you please help...


  3. How to interface digimat and Abaqus?

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    I am currently working on nanocomposite as my Master thesis and I am using Digimat for multiscale modelling and RVE generation, but I am unable to interface the Digimat-MF and abaqus . Can...


  4. Question about ABAQUS-VABS GUI

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    Thank you very much for your ABAQUS-VABS GUI , It's a great help for VABS pre-processor。

    But I had a problem recently, I create a following sandwich structure for...