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  1. Homogenization with Finite Size

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    Hello all,  I am having a problem with homogenization of a squarepack (block with a hole) using SwiftComp ANSYS Workbench GUI. I tried both symmetrical mesh and default quadratic mesh...


  2. Hello,  I have an issue about ANSYS Workbench GUI. I downloade...

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    Hello,  I have an issue about ANSYS Workbench GUI. I downloaded and installed the extension as shown on manuals. I also tried the homogenization with fully periodic case and I got correct...


  3. ANSYS-SwiftComp GUI: An ANSYS Plugin for Multiscale Modeling

    25 Feb 2017 | Posted by Banghua Zhao

    With the increasing demand and needs for composite materials in many fields of industry, analysis and simulation of composite materials are becoming more and more important and challenging. In...