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  1. SwiftComp Homogenization Problem

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    Hi all, When I type "SwiftComp micro1D.sc 3D H" in the commandline window, as stated in Readme.txt which is in the installation folder, it reports successful run and I can...


  2. Tet and Hex element type results variation

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    Dear all,

    I'm trying to use ABAQUS-Swiftcomp GUI to obtain homogenised RVE properties. It is my first use, and I'm happy with the ABAQUS interface and processing time, in...


  3. RVE Acceptable Size to be Counted as Micro

    27 Jul 2014 | Posted by Farzad

    Just a general question about Homogenization , when we are selecting the RVE , how much should it be smaller than the Macro dimensions of the model , to be counted micro , I mean only that one part...