SwiftComp Homogenization Problem

  1. Mustafa Kurt

    Hi all,

    When I type "SwiftComp 3D H" in the commandline window, as stated in Readme.txt which is in the installation folder, it reports successful run and I can get the effective properties. However, when I try to homogenize manually in Abaqus using SwiftComp GUI, after clicking OK on the SwiftComp's Homogenization pop-up screen, nothing pop-ups automatically. In SwiftComp Manual, it is stated that effective properties will pop up at that moment automatically. 4 files are created. (see attachment)

    Two of the created files are empty and I think the file with .sc.k extension is the one which is supposed to have the effective properties.

    Does anyone know what might cause this?

    Thanks in advance.



  2. Bo Peng

    Hi Mustafa,

    I have tested a particle reinforced 3D SG for beam properties using the Abaqus-SwiftComp GUI which works fine. I am not sure the reason for your issue without any further information. You may find some useful information if you can check the command window associated with the Abaqus-SwiftComp GUI. Or if you can share your model on this page, I can check it for you.

    Please note that the current version of Abaqus-SwiftComp GUI will not generate a pop up command window to show the effective properties. In order to obtain the effective properties, please open the .K file as you mentioned.

    Best regards,