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  1. SwiftComp Homogenization Problem

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    Hi all, When I type "SwiftComp micro1D.sc 3D H" in the commandline window, as stated in Readme.txt which is in the installation folder, it reports successful run and I can...


  2. How to obtained nodal data for local fields in swiftcomp

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    Dear sir, how to obtain nodal data for local stress/strain/disp fields after Dehomogenizing the  SG model, for Swiftcomp in cdmhub can anyone suggest me to  how to get...


  3. Tips in plate analysis using SwiftComp

    20 Apr 2015 | Contributor(s):: Bo Peng

    This ppt states the details which need to pay attention to in the comparison analysis of plate using SwiftComp and ABAQUS.