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Dear All, I would like to use wiki to document the instructions of using our codes and tutorial examples. If you have anything to share with the group, please feel free to contribute. 


Dear All, I am going to Beijing next week (12/9-12/15), and will give several lectures in several universities/research institutes throughout the week. If you are interested in meeting me, please let me know. 

Register for AIAA’s 25 October DirectTech Webinar

Mechanics of Structure Genome: A New Unified Approach to Modeling Composites Structures   

25 October | 1300–1430 hrs EDT

Effective modeling of composite structures requires rigorous handling of anisotropy and heterogeneity. Mechanics of Structure Genome (MSG) represents a new unified approach to modeling composite structures. AIAA’s DirectTech Webinar will identify distinct features of composites and challenges associated with modeling and simulation, explain the concept of structure genome and the basic principles MSG, and apply MSG to simple composite structural problems.

Member Price: $79 | Student Member Price: $9.99

For group discounts, contact Jason Cole, Manager, Education, at

Check out my comments on multiscale modelling using the Structure Genome on this podcast: First time to do an interview, much to be improved. 

Dear All, I am writing to let you know PreVABS, a general-purpose preprocessor we developed for VABS. It is open source and does not require a third party license.  It is more powerful than the matlab code we had previously. It can be downloaded from Please let us know any of your comments/suggestions. 

An app version of SwiftComp is available on Apple App Store, search for SwiftComp. Feel free to download and test it. You can find more details at Currently we only have very simple capabilities, more capabilities of SwiftComp will be added later. 

For those who missed the MSG webinar, NAFEMS has kindly provided the link to listen to the webinar:

Here is the password you’ll need to access: yPKXbMk6. 

Please let me know your feedback through 

Prof. Yu will deliver a free webinar entitled Structure Genome: A Revolutionary Multiscale Approach to Bridging Materials Genome and Structural Analysis. Please register at 

Prof. Yu is traveling ro AIAA SciTech conference along with Zhenyuan Gao, Hamsasew Sertse, and Ning Liu to present four papers on various recent development of Mechanics of Structure Genome. 

We have now integrated SwiftComp with TexGen to take advantage of the geometry creating capability of TexGen for textile composites for convenient, efficient, and accurate modeling of textile composites using SwiftComp. The tool is available on cdmHUB as TexGen4SC. You can watch a short video made by Mr. Xin Liu to get a quick start. 

We added Import function to the cloud version of SwiftComp on cdmHUB. Now one can upload the sc file prepared in any other way including Gmsh4SC, TexGen4SC, ABAQUS SwiftComp GUI, and ANSYS SwiftComp GUI to let the SwiftComp on cdmHUB to perform homogenization and dehomogenization and visualize the results. For quick start, please check the YouTube Tutorial Video at 

The MSG paper is finally published, please cite the paper using 

Yu, W.: “A Unified Theory for Constitutive Modeling of Composites,” Journal of Mechanics of Materials and Structures, vol. 11, no. 4, 2016, pp. 379-411.

The published version can be downloaded from 

Dear All, to increase the visibility of our research, we have created a linkedin group at, and a youtube channel  at with the same title: Multiscale Structural Mechanics. You are welcome to join the linkedin group and subscribe to the youtube channel. 

Dear All,

I finally completed an introduction to micromechanics based on the lecture notes I have for the multiscale structural mechanics course. The article can be found from Please let me know your feedback so that I can explain things better or add more important material which is missing. 

Thanks in advance for your help!


Dear All, 

I wrote the imechanica Journal Club article entitled Mechanics of Structure Genome this month. You are welcome to read it and leave your comments for discussions. The article can be found at Any suggestions/questions/comments are welcome. 



For those who missed my webinar on SwiftComp through Altair, you are welcome to view the recorded webinar online. The following is the message send by the webinar host. 

Thank you for your interest in the webinar, SwiftComp: Right Results, Right Away, that took place today. Below is a link to the recorded session, slides that were presented and contact information for the presenter. If you have any troubles with any of the links in this email please feel free to email me.

View today's webinar recording | Download today's slides

SwiftComp Contact Information:
Allan Wood - President & CEO of AnalySwift

Wenbin Yu, PhD - CTO of AnalySwift

Assoc. Prof., School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Purdue University

Assoc. Dir., Composites Design and Manufacturing HUB (cdmHUB)

Director, Composite Virtual Factory HUB (cvfHUB)

To download SwiftComp, please visit the APA download page.

Please note: You will need to login prior to download, please email to check if you're eligible to use SwiftComp through the APA.

Kind regards,
Vicky Newby | Marketing Coordinator, Altair Global Partner Programs

For those who are interested in SwiftComp, you are welcome to attend the free webinar I am going to give on Sept 3rd 10:00 AM (ET). You need to register for the webinar at

SwiftComp along with a simple GUI based on gmsh is live on cdmHUB. You can test it at If you don't know how to use it, please follow the video at 

Dear All, 

A powerful graphic user interface is recently developed based on ANSYS. You can download the code from Please let us know your questions. 



Dear Group members, 

Please update your profile on cdmHUB including providing a photo and a short description of yourself.