Abaqus-VABS GUI Issue

  1. Dana Frye

    Hello All, 

    I am attempting to utilize the Abaqus-VABS GUI to aid in drawing the cross-sections and preparing VABS input files. I started out by downloading the code and example files from this location -> First and foremost I tried to run an unmodified example model in accordance with the directions in the Abaqus-VABS Interface Manual Nov 2016. When I tried to run the airfoil_automation example however, I get the following error (see attached figure and/or text below). Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this issue?

    G:\Abaqus-VABS_GUI_v1.2.2\examples\airfoil_automation>abaqus cae -- Control.xml

    Successfully checked out QAE/1 from DSLS server
    Successfully checked out QAX/1 from DSLS server
    Abaqus License Manager checked out the following license:
    "QAE" from DSLS server
    <3 out of 5 licenses remain available>.
    Feature creation failed.
    File "", line 132, in <module>
        abaqus_input = createAirfoil(project_name, airfoil_main)
    File "G:\Abaqus-VABS_GUI_v1.2.2\examples\airfoil_automation\", line 954, in createAirfoil
        ps = partitionPart(model, ps, ssp)
    File "G:\Abaqus-VABS_GUI_v1.2.2\examples\airfoil_automation\", line 1576, in partitionPart
        part.PartitionFaceBySketch(faces = tuple(f), sketchUpEdge = d[2], sketch = s)

    Abaqus Error: cae exited with an error.

    Abaqus VABS Example Run Error Message

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    1. Wenbin Yu

      Dana, the developer of Abaqus-VABS GUI is occupied with something urgent these days. I am curious why you want use this Abaqus-VABS GUI instead of PreVABS? 

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    2. Su Tian

      Hello Dana,

      Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the issue on my computer. The script works fine for creating the VABS input file, although it is slow (more than 4 minutes). During the process, there should be a log file generated (*.log). Are there any messages inside showing where the process stops? Thank you.

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