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Prevabs1.4.3 I-beam example help

  1. Byeonguk Im

    Dear prevabs developers,

    Hello, I think there is a serious bug when creating an I-beam section using the latest released prevabs 1.4.3. 

    Please find the attached figure.

    The "T" connections to both the upper and lower baselines are not working. 

    However, I found that the previous prevabs 0.5 had an I-beam example, where the web segment is assigned a higher level. 

    Therefore, is there something I have mistakes on it? Or is there any examples to create an I-beam section using the latest prevabs?


    Looking forward to hearing from you. 


    xml files attached. 


    <cross_section name="X_1">
            <translate>0.00 0.00</translate>
        <component name="plate_upper" >
            <segment name="sgplate_upper">
                <layup direction="right">layup1</layup>
        <component name="plate_lower" >
            <segment name="sgplate_lower">
                <layup direction="right">layup1</layup>
        <component name="web2" depend = "plate_upper, plate_lower">
            <segment name="sg_web_2">
                <layup direction="right">layup3</layup>


       <baseline name="bl_upper" type="straight">
       <baseline name="bl_lower" type="straight">
       <baseline name="bl_foam" type="straight">
       <baseline name="bl_foam2" type="straight">
       <baseline name="bl_foam3" type="straight">



    p1    -0.0790    0.0230
    p2    0.0790    0.0230
    p3    0.0790    -0.0230
    p4    -0.0790    -0.0230
    fill    -0.0740    -0.0100
    fill2    -0.0290    -0.0100
    fill3    0.0550    -0.0100


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    Replying to Byeonguk Im

    1. Su Tian

      Thank you for your feedback! This is a known issue and will be fixed in the next version (1.5).

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      Replying to Su Tian