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  1. concentric tubes

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    Hi everyone I was wondering if we can apply GEBT for concentric tubes or not. if anybody has used it for that case kindly share your suggestions like what will happen when both concentric tubes...


  2. GEBT input direction cosine matrix

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    Hi everyone I am trying to write GEBT input code for  a 2 member assembly in which first member is horizontal straight and second member is having a curvature .I was having a confusion...


  3. Error met when run Gebt

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    Hi, I am trying to use GEBT for natural frequency analysis of a beam. There is one error out when submit the model with gebt command. Please see attached both the error msg and model...


  4. warning in compiling analysis.dll when compiling GEBT.exe

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    Dear author:
    There are many warnings when I compile 'analysis.dll' with 'makeC_win,' but the 'analysis.dll' is finally generated.
    I tried to...


  5. Internal Forces and Moment in GEBT OUTPUT

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    I have a question about a beam analysis on GEBT. As you can see in the GEBT's file (isotropic.txt). I have a 3 points bending  analysis and I apply a force of 2000 N on the center of the...


  6. GEBT output file , problem with internal Effort/Moment

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    Hi, I have a question about a beam analysis on GEBT. I have 3 points bending beam analysis and i'm applying an effort of 1000 N on the center of the beam. When I have sent it to analysis, it's...


  7. Eigen Value Problems in GEBT

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    Hi all, In GEBT doc folder, I found GEBTExamples.ppt . However, no eigen value problem is illustrated. Can anyone please provide ppt/pdf for the illustration/description of the eigen value...


  8. GEBT: Error Faliure of MA28AD with iflag = -1

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    Professor Yu, I am trying to run the dynamic analysis mode of GEBT with a distributed load however receive the following error:  Error...


  9. Application of GEBT to overhanging simply supported beam

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    Dear all, I'm trying to implement GEBT for an over hanging simply supported beam. When I'm trying to apply I'm getting below error as shown Failure of MA28AD with iflag=-1 I'm...


  10. Issues installing and running GEBT

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    Hi, I'm new here.  I wanted to learn more about VABS and GEBT.  I downloaded GEBT and PostGEBT.  I was able to get PostGEBT working.  However, I'm having issues...


  11. PostGEBT

    15 Aug 2014 | | Contributor(s):: Qi Wang

    PostGEBT is a post-processing code which can effectively visualize mass data generated by the nonlinear beam solver GEBT. PostGEBT reads and visualizes the results produced by GEBT for static, steady-state, transient dynamic, and eigenvalue analyses. More details can be found in the PostGEBT...

  12. Geometrically Exact Beam Theory

    11 Jul 2014 | | Contributor(s):: Wenbin Yu, Qi Wang, Su Tian

    Geometrically Exact Beam Theory (GEBT), is a general-purpose tool for nonlinear analysis of composite slender structures, meeting the design challenges associated with future engineering systems featuring highly-flexible slender structures made of composites. GEBT is based on the mixed...