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  1. How to use your HUB storage space in tools

    To access your personal cdmHUB storage space, one can use either Webdav or Secure FTP (sftp).1. To use Webdav, refer to this link for instructions: https://cdmhub.org/kb/tips/webdav.2. To use...


  2. How do I commit a code to cdmHUB

    After you have finished the registration for your code, you can follow the following instructions to upload your code to cdmHUB. Note, you don't have to upload source codes if you don't...


  3. How do I compile a code using workspace?

    The workspace tool (https://cdmhub.org/tools/workspace) essentially provides you a terminal of a Linux box. It can be used for file manupilations and code compiling. But the code must be written...


  4. Troubleshoot

    There are two common reasons why you may not be able to view an application.The tool is internally misconfigured. If you can look at your dashboard page and see that the tool you just started does...


  5. Frequently Asked Questions about Resources

    What are resources?How do I create a new resource?How can I delete a resource?Is there a limit on the number of resources I can submit?What are resources?Resources are user-submitted pieces of...


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  1. SwiftComp Executable

    01 Oct 2016 | Tools | Contributor(s):: Wenbin Yu

    This is the SwiftComp executable which can be invoked by any tools on cdmHUB.

  2. Constitutive modeling for time- and temperature-dependent behavior of composites

    08 Jan 2020 | Publications | Contributor(s):: Orzuri Rique, Xin Liu, Wenbin Yu, Byron Pipes

    Structural integrity, durability, and thermal stability represent critical areas for adequately modeling the behavior of composite materials. Polymeric matrices are prone to have time-dependent behavior very sensitive to changes in temperature that influence the effective properties of the...

  3. Ove Schuett Dassault Systemes Americas CDM Hub

    18 Jul 2019 | Online Presentations | Contributor(s):: Michael Texeira

  4. Simulation of prepreg platelet compression molding: Method and orientation validation

    18 Jul 2019 | Publications | Contributor(s):: Sergey Kravchenko

    Prepreg platelet molding compounds (PPMCs) offer improved performance potential as compared to short-fiber composites and increased geometrical complexity as compared to continuous fiber composites. The increased adoption of PPMCs in automotive and aerospace applications necessitates the...

  5. Fiber orientation measurement from mesoscale CT scans of prepreg platelet molded composites

    18 Jul 2019 | Publications | Contributor(s):: Sergey Kravchenko

    X-ray computed tomography (CT) analysis is used to measure the heterogeneous fiber orientation fields in a 20 cm3 composite bracket made from prepreg platelet-based molding compound (PPMC). The as-molded mesostructure of the complete geometry is captured using...

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  1. Analyzing Linear Viscoelastic Behaviors

    Contents1 Scope of Linear Viscoelastic Behaviors1.1 “Viscoelastic”1.2 “Linear” vs. Nonlinear2 Linear Viscoelastic Behaviors in Simple Shear2.1 Constitutive Equations for...


  2. Predict failure envelope of a fiber-reinforced composite laminate

    Problem Description The failure envelope of a fiber-reinforced composite laminate is predicted using the MSG plate model. The failure envelope is in terms of plate stress resultants (N11 vs N22)...


  3. Predict failure index and strength ratio of a honeycomb sandwich plate

    Problem Description The failure index and strength ratio of a honeycomb sandwich plate under the biaxial loading condition are predicted using the MSG plate model. For a plate structural analysis,...


  4. Predict effective failure strength constants of fiber-reinforced unidirectional composites

    Problem Description The effective initial failure strength constants of fiber-reinforced unidirectional composites are predicted using the MSG solid model. A square packed mechanical model is used...


  5. Gmsh4SC tutorials

    This page collects all the tutorial examples for !Gmsh4SC. If you want to contribute more examples, please title it with the prefix Gmsh: so that it will be automatically linked to this page....


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