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Remote desktop our Windows servers

If you are using off-campus internet, then follow all the steps. If you are using on-campus internet, then skip Step 1 and Step 2 and go to Step 3.

Step 1. Install Purdue’s VPN portal

An introduction of Purdue’s VPN can be found on the webpage:

To use it, follow the steps below. Fisrtly try to establish a VPN connection using the Cisco AnyConnect Client (

On this web page, enter your Purdue Career username and password to connect, and the webpage of CISCO AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client (CISCO webpage for short in the following) will automatically detect your computer’s JAVA platform. If the detection is successful, then the CISCO webpage will begin to install the VPN portal on your computer automatically.

Step 2. If the web-based installation is not successful, the CISCO webpage will provide a link to download an executable file for you to do the manual installation. After downloading and installation, you can run the VPN portal and the key action next is to enter the following strings in the blank

and click the “connect” icon.

After accessing to the Purdue’s VPN, you are free to the do the following Step 3.

Step 3. Remote our computational sever

This step has no difference in sense of on-campus and off-campus internet. Use your Remote Desktop Connection provided by Microsoft Windows and enter the following information:

Computer: User name: ARMS2142PC2\local_username


Computer: 128:46.5.157 User name: ARMS2142PC3\local_username

Note the local_username should be the same name as your Purdue career account for using the licensed software. If you have no local account in our server yet, please contact Prof. Yu (

Using cdmHUB to communicate is also preferred.

Enjoy your research~

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