Micromechanics Simulation Challenge (Draft)

By Johnathan Goodsell1, Wenbin Yu1, Byron Pipes1

1. Purdue University

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The cdmHUB is hosting a Micromechanics Simulation Challenge and we would like to invite the composites community to participate in defining and executing the challenge. 

The Micromechanics Simulation Challenge will consist of 3 levels, each with benchmark-type problems to assess the strengths and trade-offs of existing micromechanics codes.  Each level increases in complexity, with Level 1 being restricted to 2-dimensional microstructures with linear-elastic phases.  Level 2 will treat short-fiber and multi-directional composite microstructures and non-linear phase properties.  Finally, Level 3 will include damage and failure prediction for microstructures considered in Levels 1 and 2.  The specific benchmark problems in Level 1 are currently in draft form (attached). We would like your help in reviewing and revising the proposed benchmark problems.  We will try to incorporate all the comments and revisions into the final draft by October 31, 2014. We hope that the results of the Micromechanics Simulation Challenge will contribute to the composites community and will excite further interest in micromechanics simulation tools and establish the best practice of micromechanics simulation.