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  1. PreVabs Abaqus interface 3D models

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    Hi all, After reading the PreVabs manual, VABS manual and watching the youtube channel it is still a bit unclear how to proceed with my model. The way I see it; With the PreVabs interface...


  2. question about quadrilateral mesh of vabs

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    Dear professor, I'm a prevabs/vabs user, recently I found that I can't get quadrilateral mesh from Prevabs as many document refered, thus it cause some differences in calculated...


  3. Doubt about Ansys Vabs and cdmhub server in order to use online Vabs

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    Dear Colleagues,   I am studying vibration of a rotary wing composite blade. I have been used the ANSYS-VABS Graphic User Interface (GUI), to discretize the properties of two-dimensional...


  4. Install

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    First of all, thank you  for sharing VABS with me. I have problem about installation and after installation . My first question, is related to swiftcomp. I can see SGs module left...


  5. Recovery Flag

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    I have a few questions about the use of the recovery flag in VABS (either linear or non-linear beam theory).   Turning the flag on or off is no problem.  The next step is to define the...